All our Collings guitars are built with carefully selected master grade Adirondack Spruce soundboard material. From the several thousand guitar tops we produce each year, we have been saving the finest Adirondack for some very special, outstanding guitars. We chose Collings Guitars for their craftsmanship and acoustic expertise to make what we believe will be some of the most sought after, great sounding instruments in the years to come. Contact us for any special requests or custom build to order instruments as Collings offers many wood options, bindings/trim, finish, and neck widths.

As always, the soundboard provided for these guitars was selected from over 200,000 sets we have provided for numerous guitar makers over our 23 year history. This group of soundboards is more than CF Martin's production of Adirondack instruments from 1833 to 1946. The 2400 sets we have set aside for these special guitars most likely represent the finest collection of Adirondack guitar soundboard ever assembled. The Rosewood was also selected on site/from the tree in Central America with the same attention to quality and detail we use in the production of our Adirondack.

Old Standard Wood is proud to be the exclusive dealer of Honduran Rosewood Collings Guitars. In our 15 years of working with this tropical hardwood, we are continually impressed with its amazing projection and ability to rival Brazilian. For more information regarding our custom built Collings Guitars, please contact Claud at or 573-642-4639. All guitars come with manufacturer's lifetime warranty. Our current inventory is listed below, but we welcome custom orders as well. Take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity to build a truly great instrument using the finest Adirondack Spruce ever assembled. Check out Collings' many custom options available and be involved directly in designing your ultimate guitar!

In addition, we are happy to announce that we are now partnering with Eastman Strings to produce an Old Standard line of custom Eastman Guitars.  Featuring an Adirondack spruce top hand selected by Old Standard, these guitars offer amazing tone and playability at a budget price!

Current Inventory:

14-Fret Collings Guitars (all w/ Hardshell Case, 1 3/4" Nut Width)
#23696: CJ (Sugar Maple/Select Adirondack) Full Body Sunburst, Square Peghead $7100-SOLD
#23290: D2HA (Sugar Maple/Select Adirondack) $5280
#16034: D2HA (Honduran Rosewood/Select Adirondack) $5240-SOLD

12-Fret Collings Guitars (all w/ Hardshell Case, 1 13/16" Nut Width) 
#20738: OO2HA (Honduran Rosewood/Select Adirondack, Torch Peghead Inlay) $6250-SOLD
#23222: OOO2HA (Sugar Maple/Select Adirondack) $6200 (See pictures and description below)
#22028: DS2HA (Sugar Maple/Select Adirondack) $6200 (Pictured below)-SOLD
#19744: OO1A (Hormigo/Select Adirondack) $5000-SOLD

14-Fret Eastman "Old Standard" Guitars (w/ Hardshell Case, 1 3/4" Nut Width)
Guitar A: D-Size (Indian Rosewood/Adirondack) $1200-SOLD
Guitar B: D-Size (Indian Rosewood/Adirondack) $1200-SOLD



Eastman "Old Standard" Guitars: